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This is not my usual funny, personal story. But I just have to rant for a bit. The world’s in the frying pan. Let’s hope we don’t get dumped into the fire!

Putin may have a gazillion dollars, but money has never been his primary focus. Rebuilding the Soviet Union has always been his plan.

If he was really worried about having a large NATO country on his border, instead of invading Ukraine, he would woo the Ukrainians with promises of cheap oil and gas, and easy passage between the countries. After all, there are lots of ethnic Russians in Ukraine, a shared history and many relatives in the two countries.

If Putin can’t stand the thought of NATO on his border, conquering Ukraine just brings Poland, Hungary and Romania, all NATO countries to his border.

Then what?  Putin installs a puppet government in Ukraine and the Ukraines will never accept his government. There will be a never-ending insurgency and until something happens to end it, Ukraine will remain a pile of rubble, bordered by NATO. Ukrainians don’t want to be under the Russian boot. Look what happened to East Germany under Soviet control.

There is no way that a civilised world can accept a country invading its neighbour just because it wants to. Is Moldova next? What happens if Poland, for example doesn’t want to be bordered by the new Soviet Union?

Would that be WWIII? Or has it already started?

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Putin needs to come into contact with a bullet. I applaud your Italian government for its seizure of the oligarchs yacht.
The state of our world has me spluttering.
Hope alls we’ll with you as Spring returns.
Love, R

Thanks for your rant. The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking and horrible. It clearly shows the unbelievable blindness of Putin. I have been hearten by the worlds response unlike the the response to Hitler in the 2nd World War of ignoring him until it was too late. Putin is clearly unhinged . The use of sanctions and seizure of assets will hopefully finally work.

I agree with your assessment of the situation, and would encourage the U. N. and the leaders of the free world to refresh their recollection of the lead up to WWII . The longer we delay the fewer options there will be.

Thanks Mary for your ranting. Nothing to disagree with here. The horrific treatment of the country of Ukraine and it’s people is far beyond what I can imagine.

If Putin starts using biological, chemical or tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine or NATO countries, NATO, the United Nations, and the European Union should launch a massive cyber attack against all military installations and the civilian electrical power grid in Russia and Belarus. Hopefully, that would put an end to Putin’s expansion war without launching a nuclear ballistic missile exchange resulting in WWIII. The fate of democracy against autocratic rule in the world is at stake in our life time. Pray for the end of Russian hostilities against all military personnel and the civilian population of Ukraine.

Glad to be able to respond, Mary, you are such a good story teller, it’s a good thing that you are the most honest person I know, Mare, because if you weren’t ,you would be a phenomenal liar !!! Love you lots Sue

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