The Elephant in Death Throes

As an Ex-Patriot for the last 13 years, I have refrained from commenting on the US elections. While I have cast my votes from abroad, I have to admit to paying little attention to the year and a half long circus that the media subjects us to every four years. However, this year I cannot stay silent.trump elephant

The Elephant in Death Throes

What is a win for Donald Trump? What is his real goal? Donald Trump, long-time friend and political supporter of the Clintons, who once during a 2004 interview with CNNs Wolf Blitzer, said that he identifies more with Democrats than Republicans, is now the Republican candidate for President of the United States. But he is on the outs with the Republican leadership who are desperate to keep control of the House and Senate.

With 34 Senate seats up for grabs (24 of them Republicans), a win for Hillary Clinton could sweep the Democrats into the majority in the Senate and make a dent in the Republican majority in the House.

Knowing that his outrageous rhetoric is hurting the chances of the Republicans running for re-election, why does he continue?

And don’t forget the famous photo of Hillary and Bill at Trump’s third wedding. Hillary is between Donald and Bill and looking up at Trump in adoration. Bill has his arm around Hillary and his hand extended to Trump’s shoulder. Plus as recently as May 2015, The Washington Post reported on a telephone conversation between Trump and Bill Clinton. Trump initiated the call, and although the details of the conversation were not disclosed, Aids privy to the call said that Clinton encouraged Trump to “take a larger role” in the Republican Party. This was just a few weeks before Trump announced his candidacy. Was this Trump seeking political advice from his long-time friend? Or was this the beginning of a Machiavellian campaign tactic to put Hillary in the White House?

In general, I don’t consider myself a Conspiracy Theorist (although I have to admit that I don’t think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in JFKs assassination), however, how do you explain the absolute absurdity of Trump’s speeches? He continues to distance himself from the Republican Party, which he supposedly represents. WHY?

Is he really still a Democrat? Was that conversation with Bill Clinton in May 2015 the first step in assuring Hillary’s victory? Trump’s misogynistic, xenophobic rhetoric may resonate with the gun-toting, anti-government minority, but he has surely turned off the majority of voters in both parties.

While the elephant strangles, the donkey may carry Hillary back to the White House.

Donald Trump is a Megalomaniac who cannot stand to lose. If his goal is to become President of the United States, he is doing everything he can to lose the election. But if his goal is to kill the Republican Party then he’s on the right track.

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Very good. Haven’t thought of the conspiracy before,but I’ve been saying that he doesn’t want to win. If he did he wouldn’t keep acting like such a shit!

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