America’s Philosophy?

“He hosted a super-spreader event to honor a justice who would have the government control your body but refuse the duty to care for it, and when the virus he helped go around came around, he availed of the healthcare he would deny others, financed by the taxes he refuses to pay” (Anand Giridharadas )

I couldn’t have said it better. In one sentence, Giridharadas has summed up the philosophy of Trump and his cohorts in the Senate and House. And his call-to-arms to right-wing militarists (“Stand Back and Stand By”) only pushes the country closer to anarchy, if not armed conflict.

We shall see on November 10 if Trump’s dream of killing the Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court with his 6-3 majority will finally come true. Then, in the not- too -distant future, when the Supreme Court takes another look at Roe v Wade, whether women will once again lose the right to control their own bodies.

But more importantly, a week before 10 November, we shall see if the majority of the country buys into the Trumpian philosophy. If so, the dying dream of “The Shining City on the Hill” will take its final breath.

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Amen Mary. Living through these times is difficult. Alternate times of “okay” to “ definitely not okay”.
DT is a madman on steroids so I’m sure that you can do the math. There very well may be armed skirmishes in our future. 5 men were arrested just yesterday for plotting to kidnap the Gov of Michigan and start an armed insurrection.
Not a good look over here. Pray for us on Nov 3rd.

Hi Mary,
Enjoyed your thoughts and agree. It’s disgusting all that is going on here. I am voting of course and can’t understand how anyone would chose our current “leader”! Unfortunately there is one across the street from me ?

Hoping COVID stays with him and November will be a good month so we can breathe without anxiety again!

Take care and love you


It’s not the majority, and it hasn’t been. We are living the tyranny of the minority–a party that for decades has been laying the groundwork for replacing our democracy with an oligarchy and have used a social conservative agenda to do so.

Ciao Eva, I agree it may not be the majority, but the tyranny of the minority cannot succeed without the complacency of the majority. The 3,000,000 votes, which Hillary won by, will not be enough this time around. Perhaps 30,000,000?

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