My 2nd Life

For the past six weeks, I have been able to think of nothing other than the Presidential election in the USA. After retiring from the navy, I’d spent the last 13 years pretty much letting the world go by until the most bizarre US election of all time dragged me back into intensely following world events because I believe the person that half the American people voted for will very likely make the world an even more dangerous place than it presently is.

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The Locker-Room Campaign

I thought that my last political post would have been the first and last words I had to say about the American 2016 Presidential campaign, but here I am, once again unable to keep my thoughts to myself.

OK, when I first heard that Donald Trump had used “Locker-Room talk”, I actually thought that someone was reporting on what he had said in the locker room! And even though I’m certainly no Trump fan, I found myself defending him against what I imagined was someone baiting a trap in the locker room to embarrass him. Continue Reading →

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Letter to my Sister

I have not seen you in over 40 years

March 11, 1947 you (Frances Joan Jennings) were born a blue baby. You were transferred to Boston for a transfusion. You had rheumatic fever but survived. You were the 4th living child of Elsie B. Milligan and Francis G. Jennings. Your siblings were: Thomas J. age 5, Elsie F. age 4, and me (Mary R. age 3).

I don’t remember when you were born but I think it was the same year that I had my tonsils out. And I do remember that. Continue Reading →

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Welcome Ruby



It’s been a little over a year since we lost Trilla, so I thought it might be time to update the “About Mary” page on my blog.

Although I didn’t think I was ready to get another dog after Trilla died, I received an email from my Veterinarian with a picture of an abandoned dog who looked exactly like Trilla. I fell immediately in love with her. Her name was Giorgia, she was 1 ½ years old and described as tranquil. She was in the Shelter in Florence and, of course, I had to have her. Continue Reading →

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The Elephant in Death Throes

As an Ex-Patriot for the last 13 years, I have refrained from commenting on the US elections. While I have cast my votes from abroad, I have to admit to paying little attention to the year and a half long circus that the media subjects us to every four years. However, this year I cannot stay silent. Continue Reading →

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